Surveyor – Parallelometer

The Surveyor is a dental instrument used by dentists and dental technicians to see the existing relative parallelism between the teeth and different dental structures that may serve as a denture abutment.

Surveyor is also known as Parallelometer, Parallelizator or Analyzer. It was invented on 1918.

Surveyor Components

1. Fixed base (on which the column is attached).
2. Column, (maintains the arm).
3. Arm.
4. Instruments tray.
5. Mandrel.
6. Accessories.

Surveyor Functions

Surveyor is used in rehabilitation of a patient who is partially or completely edentulous during the individual analysis of the study casts.

Information is recorded that allows the dentist to obtain a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan with the important changes to improve the support, retention, stability and the esthetics of the denture treatment.

The information gathered will allow the dentist to design the partial denture.

Surveyor is also used by the dental technician, in order to corroborate with the casts and design sent by the dentist. It is also used to verify the location of the retentive clasp.

Pictures of Surveyor

Jelenko Surveyor

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[1] Carr AB et al: McCracken’s Removable Partial Prosthodontics 11 th ed. Elsevier Mosby 2005

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