Dentures Cost

A simple and easy to understand guide on how much you will pay for your denture.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

A. Number of missing teeth.
5 missing teeth > 3 missing teeth > 1 missing tooth.

A denture which replaces 5 missing teeth will cost higher than a denture for 3 missing teeth.

B. Location of the missing teeth.
Missing anterior teeth > Missing posterior teeth.

A denture for missing anterior teeth is more expensive than a denture for missing posterior teeth.

C. Type of Denture
Fixed Denture > Removable Denture

The cost of Fixed dentures is higher than the cost of removable dentures.

D. Type of Support
Implant supported denture > Tooth supported denture > Tooth-tissue supported > Soft tissue suported

Implant supported denture is more expensive than tooth supported denture and tooth-tissue supported dentures.

E. Dental Bridge Cost: Type of Bridge
All-Ceramic bridge > Porcelain fused to metal bridge > Acrylic bridge with metal substructure > Acrylic bridge

All ceramic bridge is the most expensive type of bridge.

F. Removable Denture Cost based on Type of Retention
Implant retained removable denture > Precision attachment retained removable denture > Clasp retained removable denture > Soft tissue retained removable denture (good examples are: all acrylic partial denture and complete dentures)

Implant retained removable denture is more expensive than a precision attachment removable denture if you add the cost of the dental implant procedure.

G. Rigidity of Denture Framework
Flexible dentures > Dentures with cast metal framework > All acrylic dentures

Flexible dentures are more expensive than dentures with cast metal framework.

H. Location of the Dental Office
Denture made in the US and European countries > Dentures made in Asian Countries

Dentures that are fabricated and installed in the US and European countries are more expensive than dentures made and installed in Asian countries.

City > Province

Dentures are quite costly in places which have a high standard of living.

I. Specialty of the dentist
Prosthodontist > General dentist

Dentures installed by a prosthdontist cost a bit more than Dentures that are installed by a general dentist.

J. Number of treating Dentists
Multi-specialty dental team > 1 general practitioner

A team of composed of different specialties will ensure a succesful prosthodontic treatment though the cost is much higher than the cost of prosthodontic treatment given by a general dentist.

J. Dental laboratory
Specialty dental lab > General dental lab

Dentures that are fabricated by a specialty dental lab is expensive but the quality is assured.

Additional Cost

Pre-prosthetic surgery
A. Bone augmentation procedures.
B. Soft tissue graft.
C. Frenectomy.
D. Surgical removal of torus palatinus and torus lingualis.
E. Surgical removal of epulis fissuratum.
F. Surgical removal of flabby tissue.

Other Prosthodontic Procedures
A. Reline
B. Rebase

Pre-prosthetic surgeries, relines and rebases will have a bearing on the final cost of prosthodontic treatment.

Clinical Case Scenario

Case 1: A patient in good health, excellent oral hygiene, good quality and quantity of bone in the edentulous area. He has missing upper central incisors.

Based on the factors discussed above, the most expensive option to replace the patient’s missing teeth are two implant retained and supported CAD-CAM milled individual crowns. While the most affordable option is all acrylic removable partial denture.

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For more information on the best possible Prosthodontic Treatment for your case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

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Written by:
Jesus Lecitona+, DMD, MScD-Prosthodontics

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