Cost of Dental Implants

A simple and easy to understand guide on how much you will pay for your dental implants.

Factors that Affect the Dental Implants Cost

A. Number of implant fixtures to be placed.
5 implant fixtures > 3 implant fixtures > 1 implant fixture.

Five dental implant fixtures will cost higher than three dental implant fixtures.

B. Location of the missing teeth.
Missing anterior teeth > Missing posterior teeth.

Implants for missing anterior teeth are more expensive than implants for missing posterior teeth.

C. Brand name of dental implant system.
Well known dental implant system > New brand of dental implant system.

The cost of well known dental implants is higher than the cost of newly introduced dental implant system.

D. Country where the dental implant system originated.
US and European made dental implants system > Korean made dental implants system

Dental implant systems made in Korea are known for their affordability and reliability.

F. Type of Support for the Prosthesis.
Implant supported denture > Implant tissue supported denture > Implant stabilized denture

Fully implant borne denture is more expensive than dentures that are only stabilized by implants.

G. Type of Prosthetic Component for the Dental Implant Restoration.
All-Cerami dental crowns > All-Ceramic bridge > Porcelain fused to metal bridge > Acrylic bridge with metal substructure > Removable denture / overdenture

Individual all ceramic cad-cam milled dental crows are the most expensive type of prosthesis for dental implants.

H. Location of the Dental Implant Office.
Dental implants that are installed in the US and European countries > Dental implant procedure done in Asian Countries

Dental implants that are placed and restored in the US and European countries are more expensive than dental implant procedure done in Asian countries.

City > Province

Dental implant treatment is quite costly in places which have a high standard of living.

I. Specialty of the dentist.
Prosthodontist / Periodontist / Oral surgeon > General dentist

Dental implants installed by a prosthdontist or other specialists cost a bit more than Dental implants that are installed by a general dentist.

J. Number of treating dentists.
Multi-specialty dental implant team > 1 general practitioner

A team composed of different specialties will ensure a succesful dental implant treatment though the cost is much higher than the cost of dental implant treatment given by a general dentist.

K. Dental laboratory.
Specialty dental implant lab > General dental implant lab

Prostheses that are fabricated by a specialty dental implant lab are expensive but the quality is assured.

Additional Costs

A. Bone augmentation procedures.
B. Soft tissue graft.
C. Frenectomy.

For more information on the best possible Dental Implant Treatment for your case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

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Cost of Dental Implant

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  2. The most expensive one is the implant retained all ceramic crowns replacing each tooth. That is with bone graft and optimum soft tissue management.

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