About Dentures Website


What I talk about when I talk about Dentures

Comprehensive information about dentures and dental implants for patients and dentists.

The Dentures website is being published by a real dentist. It contains information about dentures and prosthodontics.

The pages and posts here are researched and written by real dentists and prosthodontists. The contents are primarily written for patients.

General dentists and dental students can also benefit from these contents.

To be recognized as an authority website both by human and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
To publish correct and helpful information about dentures and dentistry.

Our Difference from Other Dental Websites
Our website is being published by a real dentist.

Nowadays, majority of “dental” websites are created by SEO practitioners for monetary purposes. These are ordinary people, without real knowledge about Dentistry. They just copy and spin articles from real dental websites. They then create Made for Adsense websites, where they post the said rewritten and spinned articles.

The problem is, search engines like Google can’t recognize these MFA websites. Most of the time, the websites with copy pasted information rank higher in search results, compared to the websites where the original content came from.